Receipt System

Manage your payment receiving account wise (Tuition Fee, Paper Fund, Admission Charges, and Attendance Fine, Annual fund etc…). On Fee receiving send a confirmation SMS and an alert SMS to defaulter students. Comprehensive views to see clear picture of Received and Balance Amount with Fee Concession.

Test System

It is designed to manage any test system (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual) taken in school/college. It generates result card automatically and provides complete analysis of student result. A strong feature is to send complete result card with subject wise detail marks to parent’s mobile.Get list of Toper, fail, Pass Students


Mark student and staff attendance very easily. Daily Notification to Parents for Absent/Late students through SMS. Complete analysis of absent student class wise and month wise. Detail of absent days. Comparisons of most absent classes and student in the year. Automatic notification of late staff to principal.Option to get manual or system time.


Student data registration to stream line student admission and discharges with leaving certificate. Comprehensive information of students stored and then available when required. Facility to send SMS to a class or whole school in minutes. This module will be a base for other modules of student management system.

Clear Picture of Accounts

Get Transparency in Your Accounts by Implementing Receipts Management System.

Salient Features

Involve Parents In School

Intimate Student Performance in Detail by Sending Result Card Through SMS.

Salient Features

Controle Over Discipline

Keep Controle Over Student and Teacher Attendance by Recording IN/Out Time

Salient Features

Streamline Admissions

Regulate the Process of Admissions and Discharges and Keep In Touch With Parents

Salient Features

Vedio Tutorials For Operators of the Application

Test Management System

  • Internet Connection is Required or Not To Send SMS
  • No need of Internet Connection To send SMS because SMS will be broadcast throug Mobile or SMS device connected with your system
  • What is the price of SMS sending device
  • Price of SMS sending device is approximately Rs. 3000/-
  • What will be the cost of one SMS sent through the SMS Device
  • It is very cheap.Its Cost will be the same as Mobile messages.Device will use standard SIM that is used in mobiles and so you will purchase packages from cellular companies like JAZZ,TELENOR,WARID, UFONE,ZONG etc.
  • How much qualification is required to operate this application
  • This is very easy to use application.It is designed such a way that a Matric qualified person can also operate the application
  • Whar are after service charges once I purchase the application
  • Annual charges are Rs. 2000/-. Against these charges you will get free updations time to time we are developing and improving the application. Also we will provide training to the new operator if trained operator leaves the job.It will also include new installation in case of Window crash or system replacement
  • How much time is required for training the operator
  • Depending upon the operator's ability 2 to 4 days are required to train a new operator
  • Can I send urdu messages
  • Yes you can send urdu message
  • What is the character limit of the message
  • You can send more than 600 characters in one message.But cost will be calculated at 160 characters per SMS.
  • What is the character limit of the message
  • You can send more than 600 characters in one message.
  • Can I send Urdu and English mixed message
  • No. Till now you should send all Urdu or all English SMS.However in future is may be possible